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Fear is contagious.

But so is hope.

“As a son of immigrants, I’ve seen powerful proof of the American dream at work. It has been the honor of my life to serve our community and work to ensure that that dream remains attainable for all Coloradans. Working together, I firmly believe we can secure economic opportunity for all, ensure quality education for our children, protect our environment and public lands, and address the consequential challenges of our time.”

I’m fighting for the values we share, but I can’t do it alone.

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Meet Joe

Working tirelessly.

As a son of immigrants, Joe is not your typical Congressman. But his family’s story, and his deeply held belief that we need people from all walks of life to speak up and engage in our democracy, motivated him to run for office and champion Colorado values in Washington D.C.

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Joe Neguse for Congress

Endorsed By


Joe Biden

“Joe Neguse is the embodiment of the American Dream and I couldn’t be prouder to endorse his campaign for Congress. We need to send him to Washington to fight for working-class families and to protect the ideals that this nation was founded on."

Vice President

Kamala Harris

"I am proud to endorse Joe because he will be a tireless advocate for the residents of his district. I know he will stand up for the people of Colorado on important issues like protecting the environment and expanding access to healthcare, and I look forward to working with him in Washington, DC."

Former U.S. Rep

Gabby Giffords

“Colorado needs bold new leaders like Joe Neguse who are committed to acting in the face of our nation’s gun violence epidemic. We’re proud to support Joe Neguse – a strong advocate for meaningful gun safety policies – for Congress this year.”

CPFF President

Mike Frainier

“We support Joe because we know that he will fight for working families across our state and for Colorado values in Washington D.C. Joe is a leader who will be a steadfast advocate for our firefighters, and we are proud to support his campaign."

Pipefitters Local 208

Gary Arnold

“We need a truly progressive and bold leader in Congress now more than ever. That is why we are endorsing Joe Neguse for Congress. Joe will fight to protect our freedoms, and will stand up for middle-class and working Coloradans."

Chair of Democracy for America

Jim Dean

"From his experience on the Board of Regents to his battles for citizens at the State’s consumer protection agency, Joe has built a career dedicated to standing up for progressive values. Democracy for America members are thrilled to support Joe Neguse for Congress because he’s already done great things for Colorado and our country needs the next generation of progressive leaders like him on the national stage.”

Mayor of Fort Collins

Jeni Arndt

"I've known Joe for years. He earned my heartfelt support when he was CU Regent. His hard work, passion, and ability to listen ensured every citizen across the district -- from the central mountains to northern Colorado -- was heard. He'll bring the same dedication and commitment as our representative in Washington D.C."

State Senate Majority Leader

Steve Fenberg

"Right now, more than ever, we need bold and truly progressive public servants to fight for our values. As someone who has known and worked with Joe for over fifteen years, I truly believe he will be the fighter we need in Washington D.C."

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